March 04 2013, 11:23 PM
You are one of a kind. I'll be completely honest, back in the day, you intimidated me because you were so critical ( still are) but not as much anymore. And I've come to really enjoy your company. Your tumblr is one of my favorites because of all the art that comes through it and although I have no creative ability to save my life, I still have a deep appreciation for art and cosplaying. I hope I get to know you more and more over time. Also, good luck with college!

Oh my god, this was incredibly unexpected and so ridiculously kind of you I have no idea what to say.

I’m sorry if I intimidated you back then (how long ago is back then? have we really known each other that long? who is this?!), but I can’t help being as critical as I am. :( I’ve gotten a little better about it, but I’ve just been steeped in bitch tea since forever. I’m trying though! D:

I would really like to know who this is so I could know whose company I was in! You’re being so kind to me and it just upsets me that you’re on anon because I can’t tell you in real life how much this means to me. ;u;

I’m so glad you enjoy my tumblr and the art that I post onto it! But aww don’t say you don’t have any creative ability! Your ability to appreciate art and be so kind is creative and unique in itself! I wish I knew who you were so we could just sit and talk about art and cosplaying or something!

And thank you for the good luck wish! I definitely need all I can get! This really is too kind of a message and now I’m soft warm pudding on the inside.

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